Lithiumax Gen5 RESTART9 BT 900CA Engine Starter

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The all new Autosport International Award Winning Lithiumax RESTART9 Bluetooth battery. Weighing just 4.2kg the NEW 5th Generation 'Bluetooth RESTART' Series 900CA Lithiumax LiFePO4 Car Battery with RESTART technology (1000A pulse discharge for 3 seconds).


Market leading 68Ah PbEq lead-acid/AGM/GEL equivalent capacity. RC rating of 130mins at 25 degC - suits 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 cylinder engine cars, 4WD, bikes, boats & aircraft up to 6.5L displacement.


Now with $25 cashback when you submit your install & vehicle/boat/bike/powersports or aircraft images. email for details.


Replaces your standard Lead-Acid or AGM/GEL battery at only 20% of the weight and charges using your vehicle, boat, powersports, light aircraft standard alternator/generator up to 200A or up to 100A using a stand alone AC/DC or DC/DC charger. Lithiumax batteries were designd in Australia specifically for cars, SUVs, 4WDs, boats, bikes, powersports and aircraft from the ground up. Compare our Ah ratings with the others.


Suits all modern Stop-Start systems. With stable lithium LiFePO4 chemistry technology and industry leading Ah capacity ratings, Lithiumax is all about endurance and long service life. Includes our on-board Battery Management System (BMS) to manage and protect your battery, along with Bluetooth battery monitoring and Restart control from the Lithiumax App, available on Google Play and the App Store. Monitors real time battery voltage, current draw, battery temp at core and skin as well as remaining capacity.


RESTART technology that hard-cuts power at a safe voltage. Your battery can then be restarted by pressing the button on the App, leaving enough energy in the battery to start your engine. A fixed hard-cut at 8V is also there to protect your battery from over-discharge. Lithiumax's revolutionary new RESTART batteries are also protected from over-charge as well as over temperature.


Direct drop in replacement for lead-acid or AGM batteries for cars, 4WD motorcycles, powersports, light aircraft or boats inc standard brass multi-angle terminal blocks with 6mm (M6) bolts.


SAE type terminal posts also available from this website under 'Connectors and posts'. Aluminium race mounts as well as OEM fitting kits are also available under accessories in either flat or upright mount form.


Lithiumax RESTART9 Bluetooth batteries carry a 2 YEAR WARRANTY as standard with up to 5 Years available.


Can be fitted in any orientation including upside down. Lithiumax High Performance Replacement Batteries - Welcome to the new age in Lithium performance LiFePO4 batteries - LiFePO4 (Lithium Ferrous Phosphate) is significantly superior and safer than the older Lithium-Ion battery technology. With in-built Bluetooth App monitoring as well as 'RESTART' technology with multiple levels of BMS controlled safety built in to the battery, with Restart accessible via the Lithiumax App.

Energy storage in Lithiumax batteries has advanced to the point of being very safe; ultra-lightweight and will last up to 4 times longer than an lead-acid or AGM/GEL battery. Advantages of the Lithiumax Performance LiFePO4 Lithium Battery:

  • 'RESTART' safety technology
  • DEKRA tested and UN38.3 Approved
  • Autosport International Award Winning Technology
  • In-built Bluetooth monitoring and Restart control
  • Dry cell, no acid, no gassing
  • Waterproof to IP65 Environmental standards
  • Shockproof 
  • Direct drop in replacement compatible with all 14V-15V charging systems and alternators 
  • Battery Monitoring BMS System onboard - manages input and output current, charge, cell balance, temperature and RESTART
  • Flat discharge curve 2000+ discharge cycles vs 500 for lead-acid or AGM/GEL 
  • Higher average voltage. Much more linear power than Lead-Acid or AGM/GEL
  • Safe, non volatile 
  • Environmentally friendly, organic compounds 
  • 5 - 10 year usable life span
  • Replaces lead/AGM/GEL at only 20% of the weight 
  • Quicker starting with a full 1 volt higher than lead/AGM/GEL and less voltage drop during cranking
  • Improved engine management & data logging performance with more stable voltage
  • Less horsepower loss from the alternator due to efficient charging, 4 times faster than lead-acid/AGM/GEL!
  • Negligable self-discharge, so if the battery is isolated via power disconnect switch, Lithiumax batteries will store for over a year and still have over 13 volts to start the vehicle.

Specifications: Gen5 900CA Lithium LiFePO4 Car/Bike/Boat & Aircraft Starter Battery - 1000A pulse discharge (3 secs) - 68Ah EqPb lead-acid/AGM/GEL equivalent (24Ah Lithium Nominal). RC rating of 130 mins at 25 degC. Battery Monitoring RESTART BMS System. In-built Bluetooth App monitoring and Restart control.

Dimensions: (H)175 x (W)165 x (D)125mm

Weight: 4.2kg

Battery operating temperature: -20degC to 85degC

SAE terminal posts also available. Please see 6mm (M6) SAE terminal posts in accessories.

Aluminium mounting brackets as well as OEM fitting kits also available in the accessories section.

Lithiumax battery chargers also available in accessories.

Lithiumax RESTART9 Bluetooth batteries carry a 2 year warranty as standard with up to 5 years available.


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